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The War on Drugs - Occasional Rain

[Verse 1]
Into the mouth of control
Take me down where the river strays
Where it flows outside the lines
Where it's picked apart and thrown away
Now I'm finally feeling free
I'm living down by an old par-three
You know I'll be playing

[Verse 2]
Come around, don't take it hard
Don't let 'em stone you when the comedown starts
You've been moving much too fast
You never know just where it ends
What would I find living this life without you?
[Verse 3]
I got swept up in a world so strange
One you'd never even recognize
Oh, but I slipped away
Now I'm a stranger and I don't know why
It's killin' mе, but your words
They brought me out onto steady ground
Whеn I was wounded and shamed

[Verse 4]
And now that my heart is empty
Where should I go?
You've always been a constant
My northern star, where do I go
Yeah, without you?

[Verse 5]
Feel the storm coming on
Feel the darkness at your gate
Live the loneliness of life
Keep on moving at your pace
Ain't the sky just shades of gray
Until you seen it from the other side?
Oh, if loving you's the same
It's only some occasional rain
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It's only some occasional rain
It's only some occasional rain

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