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The Used - Watered Down

In my eyes, close and jaded
It's no surprise the lights have faded
I'll always walk away
You'll always hear me say I don't need this

I've been given such a gift
Shame to take advantage of it
Watch it, wasting leaves you wanting more
Be careful what you're wishing for

Nothing that I can hold on to with my broken hands
I'm not thinking that I should anyway
So I leave holding nothing
Don't care what you say
Cause it makes no difference if I throw it away
Yeah, it makes no difference if I throw it away

Now, my days, are feeling numbered
The sad cliche
I'm hiding under this spiderweb of dreams
I'm stuck here as it seems to be breaking

Shining brighter than you burn
Something that I would never learn
I could never lay this curse on you
'Cuz I've seen the days when there's...

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