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The Used - The Lighthouse

[Verse 1: Bert McCracken]
I give myself to the shipwreck
I give myself to the no way home
You tore myself into pieces (Pieces)
And nobody noticed at all

[Verse 2: Bert McCracken]
Two broken ribs from the pressure
I'm out of breath from the CPR
You rolled me out on a stretcher
And nobody noticed at all (Nobody noticed at all)

[Pre-Chorus: Mark Hoppus, Mark Hoppus & Bert McCracken]
Can you help me?
Will I burn or will I burn out?
I can taste it
Taste you in the back of my mouth

[Chorus: Bert McCracken]
I can be your lighthouse
I can be your lighthouse
I can be your lighthouse
I can be your lighthouse, your lighthouse, yeah

[Verse 3: Bert McCracken]
Now I'm at sea and I'm sinking
No light that's leading me back to shore (Back to shore)
Why lean on me while I'm drowning?
The same way you pulled me before

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