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The Underachievers - Rain Dance (Phase 1 Intro)

Flashback, seen no future in my past acts
Back strap fit me looser, had no pack packed
Bad stats at my school, mom and dad spazzed
So what's a youngin' to do when cops flash badge?
I mean, I always had a knack for rap
Illmat', Ready to Die, etcetera tracks
Feel trapped? Put on a track, you're feeling relaxed
I just wanna do the same shit with my craft

[Verse 2: Issa Gold]
Through my raps, niggas thought we born winning
When I was raised up in a graveyard for dreamin'
My hood taught street business, ain't no physics
Do drugs, bust guns and bring killings
Tool tucked, give a nigga that cold feeling
School sucked, most days was gon' miss it
Screwed up, too fucked to stay with it
Fool's luck, how I ain't end up finished

With age, I learned facts, like everything got a catch
Especially when you're black, young with the world on your back
Dreams of a hooper diluted, clouded by smoke on the track
Guided by Lucifer, Lucy's grip on my thoughts on the loose leaf
I do my drugs with the goonies, yell at a coffin will suit me
Now or later, meet the maker if that karma pursue me
Went to church just to search, no reality found
Growth spurt in my spirit, holy watered us all down

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