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The Underachievers - Gold Soul Theory

[Verse 1: Issa Gold]
A rebel who went searching for treasures in his soul
Fishing for gold, I found the key to unlock the door
To my mind's gate, hidden with some hieroglyphs
Told me 'bout my future and my past and that I should get, I should get
To light working and get up off my ass
I'm on a path, to move the masses, spiritual tactics
Soul masters, you bastards, spread it through classes
Live your life free nigga, if you surpass this class, bitch
LSD got your boy feeling acidic, so hazardous
Elevated mafia, Flatbush Zombie familia
No dumb niggas on our roster bruh
Finna wreck your team if you not with us
Beast Coast ain't no stopping us
We fuck with the West like 'Pac and 'em
But back to the story of the old me
Rep for the young enlightened niggas livin' lowkey
Smoke a little tree, pour a little bit of OE
Keep me in my zone like a mothafuckin' goalie
Holy shit—I'm a mothafuckin' King, nigga
Black skin, gold soul, born to win nigga

Living in the world filled up with glitter and gold
A nigga could get caught up if he ain't knowing his soul
His soul, yeah nigga his soul
You ain't living up your life, that why your shit moving slow
Listen, now get your back up off the wall nigga
Ah ah, now get your feet up off the floor nigga
Ah ah, now take flight up to the solar
I'm flying with the knowledge, and a nigga 'bout to go far

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