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The Strokes - Why Are Sundays So Depressing

[Verse 1]
I sing a song, I paint a picture
My baby's gone, but I don't miss her
Like a swan, I don't miss swimming
All my friends left, and they don't miss me

Can't take it, babe
Your body talks to me
Like in a movie, babe
I let it resonate, yeah

I want your time (Time, time)
Don't ask me questions (Questions, questions)
That you don't want (Want, want)
The answers to (To, to)

I love you in the morning, so you know it's no lie
You're hidin' in the background but you wanna be found
You've got me on my back and now I've gotta think fast
You're hidin' in the background but you wanna be found

[Verse 2]
I take it easy, babe, I
I get down, it's automatic, uh
I've come to believin' that
That too much time is evil

“Why Are Sundays So Depressing” is a self-reflective, nostalgic track from The Strokes. Julian looks back on past aspects of his life before fame including love, work, and his general attitude towards life. The track features one of the more empty instrumental on the track, being based around a simple guitar line for most of the song, with heavy synthesizers and vocals alterations only coming in for the song’s chorus.