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The Strokes - Is This It

[Verse 1]
Can't you see I'm trying? I don't even like it
I just lied to get to your apartment
Now I'm staying there just for a while
I can't think, 'cause I'm just way too tired

Is this it?
Is this it?
Is this it?

[Verse 2]
Said they'd give you anything you ever wanted
When they lied, I knew it was just stable
Children trying hard not to realize
I was sitting right behind you

Dear, can't you see? It's them, it's not me
We're not enemies, we just disagree
If I was like him, all dissing his pa
He changes his mind, says I went too far
We all disagree, I think we should disagree, yeah

Is this it?
Is this it?
Is this it?

Julian Casablancas explained the song’s title to the NME: “How it came about is that we had the song and it was done without a chorus, so I was like, ‘I’ll wing it, I’ll figure something out’ and one day I sang that over the chorus and that song was done.” (Source Is This It Songfacts).