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The Strokes - Hard to Explain

[Verse 1]
Was an honest man
Asked me for the phone, tried to take control
Oh, I don't see it that way
I don't see it that way
We shared some ideas
All obsessed with fame, says we're all the same
Oh, I don't see it that way
I don't see it that way

Raised in Carolina
I'm not like that
Trying to remind her
When we go back

[Chorus 1]
I missed the last bus, I'll take the next train
I'll try, but you see, it's hard to explain
I say the right thing but act the wrong way
I like it right here, but I cannot stay
I'm watching TV, forget what I'm told
Well, I am too young and they are too old
The joke is on you, this place is a zoo
You're right, it's true

Genuine scalp-crackling excitement, a comet-rare synthesis of form, content, attitude and hair that makes the perfect blackout silence in the middle of "Hard To Explain". The music video for Hard to Explain was rarely broadcast on television because it did not contain enough shots of the band members, but was instead a montage of random stock footage shots of things that could be considered "hard to explain". Written by Julian Casablancas Performed by The Strokes