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The Reytons - On the Back Burner

All reight have you seen those lads?
There’s a brand new band in town
They’re all reight but they’re not that good
Don’t know what the hype’s about

See me I could’ve made it big
I mean I really could’ve been someone
I got a mate named Dave who moved to Spain
He could’ve had me on Radio 1

I’m tellin ya

See me I could’ve made it big but you live with the choice you choose
The signal’s shit but I’ll show you later nearly got me a million views
He had to call it quits cos he had two kids the dream went on a back burner
And everybody round here's got a cousin or a mate who’s best friends with Alex Turner

I’m tellin ya
Don’t believe the hype

Im a local hero at the open mic I got songs that I writ me sen
But there ain't many here and I need more beer come and watch me at half past ten
Cos they all go mad for the songs I sing they all know that I should’ve took off
But when he gets on stage and he starts to play its guaranteed that they’ll all fuck off

I’m tellin ya
Don’t believe the hype
Don’t believe the hype

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