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The Pretenders - Talk Of The Town

It's such a drag to want something sometime
One thing leads to another, I know
Was a time I wanted you for mine
Nobody knew
You arrived like a day and passed like a cloud
I made a wish, I said it out loud
Out loud in a crowd
Everybody heard
'Twas the talk of the town

It's not my place to know what you feel
I'd like to know but why should I?
Who were you then? Who are you now?
Common labourer by night, by day, highbrow
Back in my room, I wonder, then I
Sit on the bed, look at the sky
Up in the sky
Clouds rearrange
Like the talk of the town

Maybe tomorrow (Maybe tomorrow), maybe someday (Maybe someday)
Maybe tomorrow, maybe someday (Maybe someday)
You've changed (You've changed), your place in this world
You've changed (You've changed), your place in this world

Oh, but it's hard to live by the rules
I never could and still never do
The rules and such never bothered you
You call the shots and they follow
I watch you still from a distance, then go
Back to my room, you'll never know
I want you, I want you, but now
Who's the talk of the town?

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