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The Pharcyde - Otha Fish

[Intro: SlimKid3 + Bootie Brown]
Yeah, bam, bam, bam, heyya, whassup, yeah
We was like that you know
Yeah, and I bet you got laid back
Yeah, I'mma uh, I'm a just sit in here for a couple of hours
Man, don't sweat it, yo, we gonna catch some stuff, dude
Oh no, I'm kinda tired
Nah, we got a basket, we're gonna fill this basket before we go, yo
Aight, bro
'Cause the otha fish is better...

[Verse 1]
It took a second to register up in my branium
My dome, my head, my skull, my cranium
My eyes have had enough, it was time to do some talking
I had to creep through the hound-dogs that were stalking
This slimmy caught me peeping
This means she wasn't sleeping on who I was
So she crept in like a hawk
In a minute's time, we adjourned to the floor
Ooh! I hit a high note 'cause of the way that she was walking
We got into the groove, I didn't bust no, uh, hip-hop moves
I just kept it nice and smooth
Next thing you know, we got together, word, I thought we'd be forever
Didn't have an umbrella, now I'm soaked in stormy weather
Whether two birds of a feather fly or fall it'll be together
Never simp, pimp, and leave your love life limp
There'll be no suicide attempts for this slim-trim kid
'Cause you know there's other fish in the sea, that is, in the sea
In the sea that is

“Otha Fish” is the excelling "SlimKid 3" solo cut on the "Bizarre Ride II" the Pharcyde album. It is the only song off the album that is not produced by J-Swift, but instead by John “L.A. Jay” Barnes and Tre “SlimKid 3” Hardson. The song challenges the concepts of one-sided love; loving someone but not being loved back, a concept quite similar to that of the Pharcyde hit “Passin' Me By”. Multiple cover arts have been created for the vinyl pressing of the song.

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