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The Offspring - The Meaning of Life

On the way
Trying to get where I d like to say
I m always feeling steered away
By someone trying to tell me
What to say and do
I don t want it
I gotta go find my own way
I gotta go make my own mistakes
Sorry man for feeling
Feeling the way I do
On yeah, Oh yeah
Open wide and they ll shove in
Their meaning of life
Oh yeah, Oh yeah
But not for me I ll do it on my own
Oh yeah, Oh yeah
Open wide and swallow their meaning of life
I can t make it work your way
Thanks but no thanks
By the way
I know your path has been tried and so
It may seem like the way to go
Me, I d rather be found
Trying something new
And the bottom line
In all of this seems to say
There s no right and wrong way
Sorry if I don t feel like
Living the way you do

A promotional video was created for this song.

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