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The Notorious B.I.G. - Gimme the Loot

[Intro: Notorious B.I.G.]
Yeah, motherfuckers better know
Huh, huh (I'm a bad, bad, bad)
Lock your windows, close your doors
Biggie Smalls
Huh, yeah
(I'm a bad, bad, bad)

[Verse 1]
My man Inf left a TEC and a nine at my crib
Turned him self in, he had to do a bid
A one-to-three, he be home the end of '93
I'm ready to get this paper, G, you with me?
Motherfuckin' right, my pockets lookin' kinda tight
And I'm stressed
Yo, Biggie let me get the vest
No need for that, just grab the fuckin' gat
The first pocket that's fat, the TEC is to his back
Word is bond, I'ma smoke him, yo, don't fake no moves (What?)
Treat it like boxin', stick and move, stick and move
Nigga, you ain't got to explain shit
I've been robbin' motherfuckers since the slave ships
With the same clip and the same four-five
Two point blank, a motherfucker sure to die
That's my word, nigga even try to bogard
Have his mother singin', "It's so hard"
Yes, love, love your fuckin' attitude
Because the nigga play pussy
That's the nigga that's gettin' screwed
And bruised up from the pistol whippin'
Welts on the neck from the necklace strippin'
Then I'm dippin' up the block and I'm robbin' bitches, too
Up the herringbones and bamboos
I wouldn't give a fuck if you're tnangerp
Give me the baby rings and the #1 Mom pendant
I'm slammin' niggas like Shaquille, shit is real
When it's time to eat a meal I rob and steal
'Cause mom duke ain't givin' me shit
So for the bread and butter, I leave niggas in the gutter
Huh, word to mother, I'm dangerous
Crazier than a bag of fuckin' angel dust
When I bust my gat, motherfuckers take dirt naps
I'm all that and a dime sack, where the paper at?

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