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The Neighbourhood - You Get Me So High

[Verse 1]
Hope you don't regret it
I pushed a lot back but I can't forget it
We never got the credit
Nobody seemed to hear us but we said it
Neither of us planned it
And for a long time I took it all for granted
I really thought we had it
But at the time it was more than I could manage, so

[Pre-Chorus 1]
If we can leave it all behind us
And meet in between
It would get me so

High all the time, high all the time
I wanna be high all the time
Would you come with me?

[Verse 2]
Wish I didn't doubt it
I wish I never ever told you all about it
But I just had to let you know
I never meant to hurt you, though
I had all my motives
I didn't know they wouldn't mix with your emotions
I just had to reach my goals
Never knew I'd meet you though, so

“You Get Me So High” deals with the success of their double-platinum hit “Sweater Weather” and how it affected the band members. It is the second track on the band’s 2017 EP Hard and the ninth track on their self-titled third studio album The Neighbourhood.

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