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The Microphones - III. Universe

[Verse 1: Phil]
See me look unveiled when I walk out of the canyon, and
See me start to climb at the end of day
But who's there to see me walk out?
There's no beacon; no sun to block out
No bird of blaze
A Close Dark Voice says:

[Interlude: Close Dark Voice & Phil's Inside Voice]
"Do you really think there's anybody out there?"
Uh huh... Huh uh...

[Verse 2: Phil]
So what? No one sees me
What do I care now that the Black Night has seized me?
On a mountain's mane I climb to my claim
And I am aimless, alone, and unraveling
And above Barren Wastelands stare at me
They know my name

[Interlude: Universe]
"What do you want?"
(note progression)

[Bridge: Phil & Phil's Inside Voice]
And I know I'll be in the air
And that my trail passes lions' lairs
And I see summits buried in more air
Buried in space
"See Phil? There's no end in sight!"

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