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The Libertines - Time for Heroes

[Verse 1]
Did you see the stylish kids in the riot?
Shovelled up like muck and set the night on fire
Wombles bleed, truncheons and shields
You know I cherish you my love

[Verse 2]
But there's a rumour spread nasty disease around town
You caught round the houses with your trousers down
A headrush in the bush
You know I cherish you my love
Oh how I cherish you my love

Tell me what can you want now you've got it all
The whole scene is obscene
Time will strip it away
A year and a day
And Bill Bones
Bill Bones knows what I mean

[Verse 3]
He knows it's eating, it's chewing me up
It's not right for young lungs to be coughing up blood
And it's all
It's all in my hands
And it's all up the walls

"Time for Heroes" is a song by English rock band The Libertines, and is featured on their debut album, Up the Bracket. It was released 13 January 2003 as the third single from that album, placing at #20 in the UK Singles Chart (see 2003 in British music). Based on singer/guitarist Pete Doherty's experiences and police brutality at the London May Day Riots of 2001.

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