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(Oh yeah, oh yeah, shit, yeah, yeah)
Late night, thinkin' of shit, um (Yeah)
(Tell me why)
Tell me why, tell me why
It's so hard to say goodbyes
Tell me why, tell me why
(No, no, no, no)
Oh, shit, let's go (Yeah, yeah)

Tell me why, tell me why it's so hard to say goodbye (Shit)
And when I get inside of my mind, I lose my time
Thinkin' 'bout the times we had to thinkin' 'bout the time we spent
Tell me why you left when you told me this was forever and
Tell me why, tell me why it's so hard to say goodbye, yeah

[Verse 1]
Lost too many people to this shit, can't even speak upon this shit
I seen shit, I'm way too damn young, it shouldn't need to be like this
I swear that I'm way too damn numb to even think about this shit
But when it's late and I lay awake, I get to tweakin' in this bitch
Overthinkin', overdrinkin' Hennessy up in this bitch
And I'ma face another 'wood 'til I can't think up in this bitch
'Cause if I keep thinking 'bout our memories
Then it's gon' be in memory of me

“TELL ME WHY” is a promotional single off of The Kid LAROI’s debut album, F*CK LOVE. Over an Internet Money-produced instrumental, LAROI pours out his emotions as he mourns his friends and family who have passed away. The track is likely a tribute to his close friend and mentor, Juice WRLD who unfortunately passed away on December 8, 2019, due to a substance-induced seizure. The track was initially previewed at an opening of Lil Tjay’s tour in early 2020, however, was previewed many times afterward. The single’s release was accompanied by a music video directed by Cole Bennett.