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The Kid LAROI - Diva (feat. Lil Tecca)

[Chorus: The Kid LAROI]
That lil' bitch a diva, fuck and leave her
My life is a movie directed by Tarantino
Shawty is a dancer, I'm not talking Billie Jean, ho
Oh, woah, fuck, we know, I swear I hate these hoes
We know shawty is an eater
We know, uh, why she wanna see us
We know that she wanna be us
Oh, woah, fuck, we know, I swear I hate these hoes

[Verse 1: Lil Tecca]
Yeah, you know (You know), yeah, we know (We know)
Sike, you don't know (You don't know)
Keep it on the low-low (Yeah)
Told a nigga, "Lay low" (Lay low)
Seven digits on the payroll (Seven on the payroll)
Speakin' Guapenese to Guapo, ayy (Guap)
Skrrt off, Tahoe with the tint, though (Top, top)
I don't want no friends, though (At all)
I don't trust many men, ayy (Many men)
And I got a small circle, it's me and many bands
I got a pack and I did it again
I ain't gon' lie, I ain't go to France
Young nigga been busy, I didn't get a chance (Chance)
Glizzy finna hit him, make a nigga dance (Dance)
And shawty, she a diva (Diva), she a diva (Diva)
Got stripes like a cheetah (Cheetah), like art, Mona Lisa (Lisa)
And we shootin' a movie, that's my life, I could teach ya
Never lie, don't mean to preach her
They talk, don't believe 'em

The Kid LAROI enlists Lil Tecca for “Diva,” where the duo flex the benefits of their recent success, but also acknowledge the fake love they receive as a result of it. The song was first premiered in Sydney, Australia in November of 2019 when LAROI was the opening act for Juice WRLD’s Death Race For Love Tour.