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The Jet Age of Tomorrow - LunchBox (feat. Vince Staples and JQ)

[Vince Staples]
Good morning, say hello to the asshole
I guess I must have smoked all the crack that my dad sold
Epar boy ramshackin them fat hoes
I can't be taught shit, showin the class closed, so closed case
So based, but so calm, I'm old Ma$e
Reason bitches get to heavy breathin in a closed space
Fiendin for these lifelong dreams steam from old hate
And throwin Sprewells on a fuckin Acura TL (uh)
Bitch we monster mobbin, ignorant as Compton College graduates
You faggot bitches pay attention
Since my seven grade suspensions, I've been on some "Fuck religion!"
I believe in me, stackin money up, and fuckin bitches, who agrees ?
Truthfully, you're bringin' out the Kill Bill 2 in me
Dennis Hooper shoot a nigga, welcome to my +Hoosier+ speech
Kill 'em when I'm spittin, you should bring a quart or two of bleach
Don't want to leave a messy scene cause presentation's everything
Play hard as gay baseballers
Haitian, large enough to shake Harlem
Red carpet stained from blood of my enemies
I treat em' like they Kennedys, hope that you remember me

[Hook 2X:Jay Cue]
Treat you niggers like my dinner welcome to my lunchbox
Roast you on a flaming ember then you're in my lunchbox
Appetite growing bigger so you're in my lunchbox (lunchbox) lunchbox
Welcome to my lunchbox

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