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The Human Project - At What Point

At what point do you realise you're living on your knees?
At what point do I take the bait and become the ghost of me?
AT what point did we just buckle, take the ride and say "Fuck our luck, we tried?"

Tell me when did we slip past the line we bitched about a thousand times?
A hammer blow from up on high
Ignored again - so tell me why this monkey cage is filled with those who could've killed
Sometimes the path of least resistance is the only choice you have

Frame by frame we are priced out of the game
Face to face with hyenas drawing blood again
Paint ourself into a corner with all the fears our preachers taught us

Eyes on the prize, boys, listen here
Nothing to hide, nothing to fear

Born and raised and left to rot
At what point?
The only thing that time forgot
At what point?
Golden handshake with something up their sleeve


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