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The Hotel Year - Still-Water Spectacle

We're letting it out
The wildest shout
We're showing our teeth
We're perfectly fine

These white walls hurt my eyes and show me the reason
Why it is that the caged bird sings:
They miss all the seasons
They don't feel safe inside what they have been given
They don't feel satisfied being able to look through the bars and the world outside
We're claiming it all
Or just at least for tonight

If blue skies have taught us anything
Its that there is no such thing as purity without the occasional rain cloud
Or the winds from the coast that bring in the hurricane that settles the eye
And stirs up the ocean for the waves to arise
And the earthquake that brings down the house that we lie in
This still-water world just contrasts our minds...

That are chaotic, and they're wild, and they're free
And they're nothing like they want us to be
Its pulsing and its true, the heart of the beast is in you
We feel it and we know, and we just have to let it go
It's living and it breathes, our inner peace love and anarchy
It shines through the clouds, and she lets all know that she is proud

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