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The Herbaliser - Generals

[Jean Grae]
(What, nigga?)
Ladies and Gentlemen
Bear witness to the Generals
General number one

[Verse 1: Trap Clapper]
I'm a big gun, R.I.P Big Pun
Get your shit from back to next week
Stash it when your pimp come
Holy ashes, fool
Trap Clapper smash you down to log size
Fuck your girl with my Christmas yule
General number one
Get beheaded by machetes I cover for fun
Ready girl I puncture lungs
830 more than crooked, you ain't worthy
Fuck Kelly, keep my video camera sturdy
Dark bitches from the Cape Verde on it
Clapper don't rape girlies
Contracts; they sign they name on 'em
Fillet 'em well, slice 'em well
They be beefin' every week and I don't answer my cell
Cause they treat a nigga freak
And yo they man don't know
Be like, 'Trap, kick his ass!'
I be like, 'Hell, oh no!'
I don't fight for no bitch, nigga fight for self
Mighty Thor fist will split your heart from your self
I'll General bomb you off your marker
Those ain't trucks, those are made by Tonka (bitch)
My ride could park on yours
I'll stomp you right through the parking lot floor
Cause you're so
[Verse 2: Cheech Marina]
Bitches ain't gangster
Good day miss tenfler ?
I can flip both slangs, the word phrase sampler
Know me when I say I am the Boston Strangler
I can turn into the perfect picture of anger
Beantown broad, I be that girl
That smokes trees outta bones
And bitch then … the moment
Just leave me alone with the tv on
Cheech Marina
The anti-peace-maker, face-beater white chick
Three shades paler than most of my people
Write my own shit, you can't say that either, bitch
I'm not "Feminem,"
You'll find an emblem over your tombstone
Of my face if you mention him
"In Harvard Yard I park my car"
Not far from where I learned it I can shit on these bars
And cantankerous words could dribble out of my lips
You won't accept me but I bet you take this unused clip

[Jean Grae]
Alright, alright
Trap Clapper
Cheech Marina

Beantown, you know how to get down
General number three
Let's go!
[Verse 3: A.K.]
I'll bring it nigga, you best'a pick it up
I got a trillion drinks, I fi'n to get 'em drunk
What you got in your stable? I bet they don't call (out)
Hit Patron with Daddy Mills, I'm off the wall
Fuck a … punk, now who you fuckin' with? (Ay)
I … and then you're drunk I'm gon suck a fifth
I shoot a rib off you, I'm no drug dealer
I'm a pimp and you can tell by how I … the Generals

[Verse 4: Daddy Mills]
… tryin' to get me
Hand me up so I can get sleep
I been encased in the … since my grace fell from the hand o' the Lord
I'm sorry mama, I know I sinned, right
She ain't complain, the tire spin light
The tiger plans, the shine's tremendous
Ain't never gon' say, "A.K. please end this."
It's endless

[Jean Grae]
Daddy Mills
How we gettin' down?
Is it ill yet?
Y'all still ain't done?
(Generals) Let's go
[Verse 5: Private E1/MacGyver]
I'm only 12, but I can hold it down for myself
The General Private E1, MacGyver
I get a gun in my Happy Meal, thank my dad
That I can carry Super Soakers in my backpack
Filled up with acid—I'm a bad kid
Slip razors in my teachers' apples
From the rotten apple I'm an eighth grade nightmare
Like I care, right, yeah, Jean'll be right there

[Verse 6: Jean Grae]
You little dummies runnin' scareder than Gregory Hines
Prepare to be leveled by enemy mines. I get
Blinded by your bullshit-slinging
I'm in the pulpit singing
A prayer while I'm banging Duran Duran
Homie, you can't hang with Generals
Can't bang with veterans
Even MacGyver is liver than you
If I was you, what then would I do?
Prob'ly try to duck and hide from people trying to end my life
Man, you're through


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