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The Head and the Heart - Honeybee

[Verse 1]
Could you imagine where our lives would lead?
That silly ring, it wasn't meant to be
Luckily, you saw in me something I couldn't see
I can't imagine how my life would be
If all your gravity did not hit me
Oh, don't you see? Darling, my honeybee

But here we are
After all the messes and confessions
To the stars
That we never really owned as ours

And if our world comes tumbling down
I never could forgive myself for leaving out
You're the one, you are the only one

[Verse 2]
Such a fool
I took your love and I bent all the rules
You took the blow and didn't let it show
Stuck around to let me know
Built a family of our own
Look around
We made a garden of the love we found
So many reasons I would fight to stay
You're the courage when I fade
Take a look at what we've made

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