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The Get Up Kids - Action And Action

[Verse 1]
You really think that you're bigger than this
To the tune of ten thousand lisps
Who'd have thought we'd represent
When I can't take a compliment?
Overexposure is the key
And any focus on me
Is appreciated
And it should be

No wonder now
I finally found
The right formula for...

You taught me how
I play the fool
Every mistake that I make
I couldn't have made without you
What's said is done
And plain to see
You take it all too seriously

[Verse 2]
What better way to make an honest mistake
Than a televised hand of fate?
When the world closes in on you
A decision would be overdue
Now, nothing left is out of hand
A stronger, jaded man stands
If the world is ending
Then we toast to it

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