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The Game - Put You On The Game

First things first (aftermath), the chronic is back
This is indo produced by timbo
Game ova, naw the nwa chain choka
Is burnin rubber inside the range rova
Chain smokin, purple haze, this ain't
Anotha one of those this the rebirth of dre
The rebirth of la, the rebirth of hip-hop
Another memorial for makaveli and big pop
Hold up, timb stop. I said this anotha memorial
For makaveli and big pop, g-g-g-g-g!
Young homie got shit locked, public enemy #1
Flava flav on the wristwatch. All black g-units
All black impala, I'm a skitzo 3-wheelin the six-for
50 cent know I'm comptons most wanted when
I'm ridin wit timbo

Girl if you got a big back lemme bend that
Show me where ya friends at we can flip that
Lemme put you on the game (lemme put you on the game)
Lemme put you on the game (lemme put you on the game)
I show you where the bloods at where the crips at
Show you where they flip crack, where they bitch at
Lemme put you on the game (lemme put you on the game)
Lemme put you on the game (lemme put you on the game)

[Verse 2:]
I ain't got the west on my shoulda, got the west
In the backseat of the rova. Ridin on dubs, nigga
I'm westcoastin. The next hova from the home of
The best doja, makin all that racket, I got the you. S. Open
Stunt on me I'll leave you wit ya chest open, vest broken
Hop in the lo-lo wit tha tech smokin, g-g-g-g-g!
I done paid my dues, nwa is back this is front page news.
I got dre in the back, ridin on 22's. Bitches screamin
'let me ride', it must be the shoes. Red and black g6's
Red dot on the glock, I'm goin 3x platinum dawg how
Do I stop? I'm hot


[Verse 3:]
My unit is gorilla, fuck with my la familia,
I will kill ya. I know that boy not familia(r),
But you got to feel em if the docta sealed em
(is compton in the house?) without a doubt
I'm the rapper wit clout otha niggaz yap about.
You know the one that introduced new york to
The beach cruiser, got em puttin red and blue
Strings in they g-units. Get groupie love,
Tell em to keep movin, if I gotta problem wit a bitch
I let eve do it. Unless she got on La Perla
And I can see through it, I don't just let her ride
I give her the keys to it. Me n my bitch layed back
In the coupe, I'm movin in the neighborhood I ain't
Passin through. I woulda been here afta snoop,
But I slowed down and showed timbaland how to iron a khaki suit.


"Put You on the Game" is the fourth official single (fifth single overall) by rapper The Game. The track was produced by Timbaland and co-produced by Danja, and taken from his debut album, The Documentary. This was the first single released by the The Game after his truce with 50 Cent fell apart and after The Game released You Know What It Is Vol. 3. As of recently a lawsuit has been filed from A Major India Record Company Saregama India,, Timbaland, co-producer Nate "Danja" Hills, The Game, Interscope Records, along with a few other Production companies are being sued for using an uncleared sample from artist. [1] The music video features The Game with many appearances by his current and former Black Wall Street affiliates. The video shows various places in Los Angeles County, including downtown Los Angeles and Compton. The video shows many Los Angeles landmarks such as Staples Center, The Watts Towers, and LAX. The Game refers to a number of artists, songs and albums in "Put You on The Game", including The Chronic, N.W.A., "Purple Haze", Makaveli, The Notorious B.I.G., Public Enemy, Flavor Flav, G-Unit, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and his song "Let Me Ride", Eve, and Snoop Dogg. During the DVD Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin The Game watches the video for this song pausing at specific spots in the video which shows a dead man at on the ground blocked off by police tape. The Game then repeatedly states that he is wearing G-Unit sneakers, a diss at 50 Cent saying his career is dead. The song was placed 44th on's Best Hip-Hop Songs of 2005.

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