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The Flaming Lips - Dinosaurs On The Mountain

[Verse 1]
So tell me now
So tell me now
How'd it happen?
After the lava flows
Maybe no one knows
Now that it's burned off the scum of the Earth
I wish the dinosaurs were still here now
It'd be fun to see them playing on the mountains

Up on the mountain they'd be all alone
You can't just leave them on the side of the road
You know they'll never make it on their own
All alone, all alone
Up on the mountain, that mountain's too high
You can't just leave 'em there, you know that they will die
They won't make it even if they try
All alone, all alone

[Verse 2]
Oh, I'm just wishing
Oh, wishing
Something else had happened
All those years ago
Things could have been so great
But now I think it's too late
To see them playing on the mountains

Wayne Coyne and co have changed tack with American Head, looking back to their childhoods for inspiration and rediscovering their knack for the melancholic and the majestic. "Donosaurs..." is just one highlight, mixing electronics with the tradiotional feel of americana.

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