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The Effort - Nineteen Years Late

I thought I gave everything I could
And I thought my words finally stood
Above our country's actions
And above all the violent reactions
But as I see the blood in Burma
My discontent turns to paranoia
When a monk living in tranquility
Loses his life to live in peace
"Let everyone be free from harm,
"Let everyone be free from anger
"Let everyone be free from hardship"
I've lived too long in a useless bubble
Worrying about this country's troubles
Because you can't open anyone's eyes
If they are content living blind
The liberties we all take for granted
Pour out the wounds of the enlightened
Our hands are just as unclean
Because back in 88 this should have been foreseen
We're still fish in a bowl despite the efforts
Making us the logical targets
Nineteen Years Late
We are too late

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