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The County Medical Examiners - Morgagnic Anatomics

Repulsive slab of pasty meat
Torqued wide with craftsman's pride
Revealing a slick tub of grime
I slide my arms deftly inside
This husk once sentient
Now on the cusp of pestilence
In science's name I rent
A grisly educational end
Finding and excising anatomy
Mustering my knowledge of postmortem history
Instructed and guided by
The infamous anatomist-Giovanni Morgagni
I find the liver lobed
In cirrhotic hold
I scrape arterial plaque
Flay pericardial sacs
Disease invariably ends with me
I cave it from the corpse for further study
Human shelf life proved once again
The tax of living corrupts unerringly
Necrolytic bubbling, chymic innards splash
Soupy rot sprays from gastric mush
Piping putrefaction makes gruel of its host
Fogged moisture beads my dripping face guard
Grotesque anatomy
Students of disease
Organic debris
Lessons from Morgagni
Opened stiffs
Olidious whiffs
Putrefaction pours
Spilling gore
Hunting down diseases, divining macabre truth
Sickened innards coo, squirting enzymic clues
Tracking pathogenic progress to its end
Retching from the answers found therein
Organs are sorted, labeled, and weighed
Adroitly butchering carcasses, for which I'm well paid
To anatomic manuals, I steadfastly abide
It's the only method to navigate while inside
The amazing human machine
Inside out is rarely seen
I've patiently toiled and trained
To make it my stock and trade

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