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The Cold Harbour - 1931

Dear life, I've been working for way too long
My childhood haunts me, as does growing old
Bare foot walking the streets
A glimmer of hope and now I'm back down on my knees
It's been a long time now
It's been a long time
It's been a long time now

This is the end of my life
How could I ever forget?
I understand, it's been a while
With all these words unsaid
You mean nothing to me
Nothing to me at all
But between my heart and soul
I will never forget

I'm at this point in my life where there is no getting better
When the world we live in casts us no hope
I'm a broken man, just tryna to forget
What have I done to deserve this?
It's been a long time now

Goodbye, my life is over
This time, I'm giving up

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