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The Chameleons - Don't Fall

Don't fall
Don't fall

Alone in a room I've been in once before
Shapes in the hall, I barricade the door
I'm out on the edge, but I'm not defeated yet
I hear my name above everything else
Mark! Mark! Above everything else

Don't fall
Don't fall

Today's freak out, nothing's familiar
And nothing seems to fit into the scheme of things
Seeing faces where there shouldn't be faces
No one's really certain what tomorrow brings

Don't fall, my friend
Or this nightmare never ends

Hiding inside a room that's running red
The place to be exists only in your head
In the focus of fear within the creases of a dress, a female dress
How did I come to be drowning in this mess
Ah, fucking mess

Mark Burgess says: "That opening dialogue was nicked off the tele, we were randomly taping off the TV in the afternoon and just punching the track in and out at various points. People asking me where it came from, I’m like, '[How the fuck] do I know?'" Guitarist Reg Smithies says: "I can’t remember how Don’t Fall came about but we’d usually start with a tape recorder in the middle of the room and just play until something sparked."

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