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The Carrier - Downstream

I heard the same story today of a man who fell in love with hate
And combined with the addictions that he faced, because to lose himself and change

It's so easy to call into a trap
A vicious cycle of good friends that can never give back
Always there to help when you need to escape
Never help with the healing, just to numb the pain
Barely giving you any mental state
Removing you from the fucking world you hate

And you always say
I see no future
I have no home
There’s no point in going on
These scars dig deep into my soul
I'm trying not to let go

How many more false words can you speak?
How much more suffering can you inflict?
And when the people ask what you did
I'll lie to them and tell them of all the good you did

In the shadows resides all your hopes and dreams
That you threw away, all for nothing
And the light from the night sky shows all you did while we slept
Downstream is where your body will float, until it sinks
Dragged down by all the sins that you keep
Holding onto memories of someone I’ll never know
Trying to let go of all that remained when you selfishly left this world
Being so close to what haunts this soul, facing the same destiny
My story is untold. My story is untold

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