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The Carrier - All That's Left to See

Burdened with the task of keeping track of the days
Counting the minutes on the clock as they fade away
I never thought I'd even make it to see today
But I’m here, and this life I lead is caving in on me
Dragging me through the streets, bringing me to my knees
But as the world spins around me another day comes and goes
And I'm still waiting

I didn't choose to be in this world
My self destructive acts will always go unheard
And this veil I hide behind gives me a better way to see what this world is like
I watched you change. You watched me do the same
And I saw your change, but I’ll never let my hate do the same

I never dreamed my life would end up this way
Searching for any meaning in this fucked up place
Everyone here once spoke in a similar way
Singing the same songs that we once sang
The same songs

You knew my face, you never knew me
You saw your demons when you looked right at me
You knew my face, you never knew me
Never knew me at all

Here we are, with shattered hearts
Staring back at me, no more room to breathe
World caves in on me, all that's left to see
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