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The Boomtown Rats - Rat Trap

[Verse 1]
There was a lot of rocking going on that night
Cruising time for the young bright lights
Just down past the gasworks by the meat factory door
The Five Lamp boys were coming on strong
The Saturday night city beat had already started
And the pulse of the corner boys just sprang into action
And young Billy watched it under the yellow street light
And said "Tonight of all nights, there's gonna be a fight"

[Verse 2]
Billy don't like it living here in this town
He says the traps have been sprung long before he was born
He says "Hope bites the dust behind all the closed doors
And pus and grime ooze from its scab crusted sores"
There's screaming and crying in the high rise blocks"
It's a rat trap, Billy, but you're already caught
But you can make it if you want to or you need it bad enough
You're young and good looking and you're acting kind of tough

[Chorus 1]
Anyway, it's Saturday night time to see what's going down
Put on the bright suit, Billy, head for the right side of town
It's only 8 o'clock but you're already bored
You don't know what it is but there's got to be more
You'd better find a way out, hey, kick down that door
It's a rat trap and you've been caught

According to the Rat Trap Songfacts, this single reached #1 in the UK singles chart for two weeks in November 1978, becoming the first song by a punk or new wave act to do so. It was also the first UK chart topper for an Irish rock act.

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