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The Blow Monkeys - Wait

Every morning when I wake up, baby
I get back on my feet again
And every day when I question what you do when
I guess it's just the same again
I may be a loner
But I'm trying to change my ways hour by hour
And I could be the change
That you were looking for now, baby
If you give me the power

When I get off this plane
Gonna break down that door
Gonna give you what you're looking for
Gonna change all my ways, day by day
All you ever say is
Wait now!
Wait now, oh, yeah

I don't even know if I've the right
To tell you how to run your life now, baby
Even though it's shallow
I was shipwrecked on the stones
But you love me, baby, yeah
Every day I'm like a child at Christmas time
Waiting for mine
But it never seems to come in time
I can well imagine losing you now, baby
Gotta give me some time

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