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The Backseat Lovers - Just a Boy

[Verse 1]
Just thought I'd check in
It's been a couple of days
Since you were stressin'
Make sure you're okay
That was quite the lie
That you let slip that night
And I'll give you a second
To collect your thoughts
Can't get any breath in
'Cause you're still stuck in the box
With all those songs I taught you
Where do we draw the line?
I miss my steady hand
Can't say I'm a steady man
What did I tell you?
Get back or you better have your helmet on
Don't make me prove you wrong
Playin' with hearts like I'm playin' with toys
Playin' with all my heart but makin' too much noise
Tryna' make it start but now I've got no choice
Yeah I could make it far but then I'll lose my voice

Take a piece of me
I know you want a piece of me

[Verse 2]
Get some attention
From these pretty girls
But you're still fenced in
What do you use it for?
Are you just a boy?
Don't act like you didn't have a choice

[Verse 3]
And I've been thinkin'
That you and I should part ways
I don't need you in my place
You think I want your cigarettes on my breath?
Your heart attacks in my chest?
I think you might know the rest
You might also like[Chorus]
Take a piece of me
I know you want a piece of me

[Verse 4]
Listen to me when I'm talking to you
There's a reason I'm calling you out in your room
Can't you see if they love you you just have to move
But you don't love yourself
You're stuck in the groove

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