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The Angels of Light - Evangeline

[Verse 1]
There's a silver stream laid across the sky
And the city lifts up its arms to it
As I wait for you, Evangeline
Yes, my eyes have seen your unselfishness
And my fingers touched your two sleeping lips
As the echoes passed just above our heads
As the city flashed just beneath the cloud
That concealed the stars and reflected sound
That protected us from an emptiness
And then drifted down in a diamond mist
As I watched you breathe, as I watched you dream

Evangeline, Evangeline
Evangeline, Evangeline
Evangeline, Evangeline
Evangeline, Evangeline

[Verse 2]
In your tenderness, in your innocence
You were far away, with your secret bliss
You were far away, with your perfect God
You were far away, in a silent field
Where the yellow dust traced your naked skin
Where the gentle flame kissed your hollow lung
Evangeline, like an acid stream
Evangeline, like a shinin' vein
Evangeline, with your moonlight sheen
Evangeline, with your open gaze
Evangeline, with your steel door dreams

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