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Thaiboy Digital - Legendary Member (feat. Bladee, Ecco2k and Yung Lean)

[Verse 1: Bladee]
Welcome to my world, everything is crazy
Had you in my arms, take care of my baby
Riding in the exec that's a Mercedes
Something in the air, baby can you taste it?
Early in the morning, it's back to basics
Twenty for a show, know, you gotta pay me
Ecco call me up, we going too crazy
Thaiboy in the cut, how could you not hate me?

[Verse 2: Ecco2k]
I go, go, go too hard, go too far now I can't stop
Ooh, ah, I can't watch, close the gate and change my locks
I made a hole inside of myself, I jumped into it, inward falls
Crawling up the walls, covering my ears like la, la, la
Human shields, bodyguards, watching through the intercom
I can't stop my racing heart, crushing rocks with Visa cards
Feel it in my jaw, got so many thoughts but I can't talk
Drip, drop, on my Macintosh, I can't wipe it off

[Verse 3: Thaiboy Digital]
I-I-I be turning up, how can you not blame me?
Designer drugs, feel like the '80s
I be on a yacht, feel like the navy
Designer drugs, it feel like the '80s
Thaiboy turning up, Thaiboy in the club
I'm mixing up Moncler in my double cup
Smoke in the air, I don't give a fuck
Money in the bank, had to double up
I'm mixing up Moncler, I'm going crazy
It's GTB, chief commander baby
She said she really miss me, if I'm not mistaken
Blue bands, had to go and get it
[Verse 4: Bladee & Thaiboy Digital]
Jil Sander look like H&M
Football, paid like I'm Harry Kane
Good greens, gone off the Mary Jane
Insect gang, eat everything
Ooh, I became a legendary member
Fendi or the Prada? Can't remember
I'm with Power Rangers, no Avengers (Ayy, ayy)
Thaiboy Goon so icy like December

[Verse 5: Yung Lean]
Double crushed ice (Double, double crushed ice)
Leandoer with the Sprite (Leandoer with the Sprite)
Walking on the moon, with Foamposites (Walking, walking, walking, walking, walking)
Walk up in the club and turn the lights off (Turn em' off now)
Dropping blood in the stiff club
Drug deals in strip clubs
Centerpiece, I bleed bugs
Need rebirth and re-up
Got work, bring the fee up
On top, I don't see nothin'
F is for Fendi, I don't rock no FILA

[Verse 6: Ecco2k & Thaiboy Digital]
I can't trust him, he's up to something
He's up to something (He's up to something)
I can't touch them if I don't love them
If I don't love them
Ooh, I became a legendary member

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