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Tee Grizzley - No Effort

I can do this shit with no effort
You know I do this shit with no effort
I can do this shit with no effort

[Verse 1]
Shoes took a house I took your bitch, took that ho to town
Played my role so good after I hit I took a bow
Take some pounds for a pow
Take your time, take it serious
I'm curious, should I buy me a watch or a aquarium
Get your sack took, we gon' take you for a joke
If you like that last batch, bring some money take some mo'
Wanna take 'em to the 8, don't know which route I wanna take it
The country wait four years, we take presidents everyday, nigga
Take me to the horse, not the club, bitch the Porsche
Ho done took off with my dick, I should be takin' her to court
If you take me for a ho, I'ma take it to your porch
Only fear the Lord anyone else can see the morgue
Give me thirty seconds with her, I can get this bitch naked
One bullet out that K will leave the toughest nigga headless
Dawg, don't need one drug to act reckless
While he sober he'll up and put one in a nigga melon
One time for ma Dukes, one time for my pops
Free Twink, rest in peace Tee fuck the opps
One time for lil' CJ, one time for lil' Roc
50 rounds in that chop', niggas move niggas drops
One time for Juan Doe, he did that bid in KY
Play with me it's going down, bitch one time for Yung Joc
One time for CoKane Cash, nigga off top
One time for them (Brr), we got comin' by the flock, nigga
One time for a real nigga, Leek Hustle
And Leek will bust you, you a fool if you think Leek tussle
My running back come from Cali and make P's fumble
Think I work at McDonald's, I make that cheese double
Think I'm making Big Mac's, I let that bread triple
I got a big MAC, that bitch'll shred niggas
Sayin' my name better stop while your ahead
'Fore they look for your body and find nothing but your head, nigga
I don't wanna fuck if I can't get the head with it
You see the trophies ho, you talkin' to the bread winner
Lil' ungrateful bastards I can't stand niggas
Like I ain't played parents role when I fed niggas

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