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Tay K - M.... She Wrote

Ran up with some ho, and he ran off as a ghost
Choppa with a stock, and a dick, and a scope
She say she was sleep, she say, "Tay-K, now I'm woke"
Come here, bitch, throat, oh, oh, oh, oh

Try to play me like a pussy nigga and it won't work
Choppa with the stock, it's gon' kick, but it won't hurt
Turn this bitch sideways, rip him like some homework
Sneak up in his trap under the bed like a monster
Pop up out the cut with the choppa, who's the owner?
Today, you're not a trap-star, today, you are a donor
I don't wanna cool it with the thot, I'm tryna bone her
She throw the pussy on me like I put it in a corner
I made a movie with a opp thot, she say I cloned her
She got Stussy on, that bitch basic and this won't work
Every slug hot, like a rapper at a concert
She says peep game, play her like some poker
I said, "Yes," dentist said, "Are you a smoker?"
OG cookies and pussy niggas, 'cause I do both
And I asked her what the dick did, "It murdered," she wrote
And she wanna give me more head, but my dick hurt her throat
Come here, bitch, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Choppa with a stock, and a dick, and a scope
Run up on Lil Tay-K, you ain't runnin', you gon' float
She don't like Bloods, says she never had a Loc
Coppers pull us over, then we runnin' like a ho
And if they get too close, we get to dumpin' like a hoe
Have 'em doctors cuttin' heads in like a pumpkin in this ho
And my whole gang stackin' like a bunk bed in this ho

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