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Tall Heights - The Deep End

[Verse 1]
Gotta find, gotta find, gotta find my style
Get atop, get atop with the stop and smile
Say I've got eyes for a lady lately
And I rise to the prize like on television
'Cause I've been using truth, dear
Give it 9 to the 5 for the river saving
I'm changing not at all

Oh no! It's sinking in
I'm the man with the plan when it comes to this so
Oh no! I'm sinking in the deep end
Try and change my
Try and change my mind

[Verse 2]
Interrupting my love is an inconvenient shout
What of that bitchy slap from the hand of summer drought?
In a life, in a time I would hate to lose my cloud eye

Do you know who knows?
It’s not sunk if it floats
Proof in days that rain
Every day I please my appetite

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