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Taemin - move


묘한 분위기에 취해
너를 놔버려도 돼
나를 벗어나진 못해
나른해진 이 순간

잘 빗은 머리가 헝클어질수록
아름다워 내버려둬 Oh oh
반듯한 자세가 흐트러진대도
괜찮아 날 똑바로 봐 Oh yeah

어두운 조명 아래 또 시작되는 Move
우아한 손짓 은근한 눈빛
투명한 창가에 넌 비쳐서 아른대는 Move
묘한 그 느낌 아찔한 끌림

(You got got the rhythm
You got got the rhythm)
어두운 조명 아래
날 사로잡은 Move
우아한 손짓 은근한 눈빛

잠시 난 모든 걸 다 지워
시각에만 의존해
경이로운 눈빛으로
Oh oh 너만을 감상해

"Move" was released as the lead single from TAEMIN's 2017 album of the same name. The song was composed and produced by Curtis A. Richardson, Adien Lewis and Angélique Cinélu, with lyrics written by Seo Ji-eum. "Move" is a sultry, bass-driven pop R&B song that has been praised by critics for its blurring of gender boundaries. The song is noted for its distinctive choreography, which went viral following a live performance at Seoul Fashion Week, inspiring covers from fans and celebrities alike. This phenomenon is often referred to as "Move disease". In recognition of his performance, Taemin won the award for Best Dance Performance Solo at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards.