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[Verse 1: T.I.]
I'm on my grind, Grand Hustle
Got the mind and the muscle
50 carats in the crown just to shine on you suckas
I still tote the Glock 40 for the haters and the bustas
Fuck probation, if a nigga try to play me I'mma bust him
Ion't need no security, reaching for my jewelry
Get you niggas popped quick, filled full of hot shit
Fresh out the box Tip hopped in a drop 6
Made a quarter mil' in the pen givin' stock tips
Haters wanna stop Tip, mad 'cus they not Tip
Ball every summer so your baby mama jock Tip
You don't no drama pimp, I promise I do not slip
Chrome 4-5th, hid well if the cops trip
Bought my girl a Hummer with the chrome right in front of dat
5 carat stones with the platinum all up under dat
Rap beef I ain't gonna participate in none of dat
I'm aimin' at your fitted cap and you ain't gonna want none of dat

(Asap asap asap...)
A nigga try to play me, I'mma blow him off the map A-S-A-P
Ask anbody who runnin' a G, bet they finna say me A-S-A-P
Niggas hatin' on P.S.C. get straightened A-S-A-P
A nigga try to play me, I'mma blow him off the map A-S-A-P

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