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Swans - Some Things We Do

We seed, we feel, we need, we fight
We seal, we cut, we seek, we love
We grow, we take, we eat, we break
We hunt, we hurt, we seize, we kneel
We heal, we fuck, we pray, we hate
We reach, we touch, we lose, we taste
We learn, we lie, we wound, we waste
We hold, we kill, we love, we veil
We crawl, we seek, we fail, we rage
We fuck, we come, we love, we work
We search, we share, we wound, we keep
We blind, we take, we hide, we hold
We breathe, we steal, we bind, we build
We seed, we fuck, we rage, we weep
We betray, we serve, we regret, we learn
With tooth and claw, we touch, we teach
We fuck, we love, we forget, we regret
We love, we love, we love, we love
We fuck, we love, we love, we love
We love, we love, we love, we love
We love, we love
We fuck, you fuck

Frontman Michael Gira told Rolling Stone this song is literally "a list of things that human beings do." Asked what his mood was when writing it., he admitted to having, "wild and unpredictable mood shifts." This is a duet with New York cabaret singer Little Annie, who has also worked with Paul Oakenfold, Marc Almond and Antony Hegarty. The orchestral strings were played and arranged by Vancouver, British Columbia-born cellist and composer Julia Kent.

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