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Sus - The Hotspot

[Intro: Suspect]
A way, get me?
Hilzz made this
That way
AGB shit, free my nigga Armed Response, 100 times
You are now locked in to Pacman TV

[Verse 1: Suspect]
I just got a drop, that's intel’
Now man's filling the 12 with big bells
Fuck the drill scene
Ask 'bout me in the hood
You’ll know why my name ring bells
Grind three buds and bill up a big L
Culprit, Mizz, and Gucc', try inhale
Bootings, chingings, tuna swinging
Opps get pressured on road and in jail
Wan' see red tape, no ribbon
If he's the past, then that's my present
I got a gift when it comes to cheffing
Wet man's head and he learnt his lesson
If verbal's got me stressing
Simple, get 'round there and stretch him
How’s R1 still giving me verbal
When Culps died, like he never left him?
We did it again like Bis
And again, you didn’t wanna back your bredrin
Got my splash when I get trap fit
So try G check, won't finish your sentence
Run a man down, he run out of breath
He run out of blood, now he’s in the mud
I think 'bout him when I roll this bud
Think 'bout him when I roll this bud
She got cute face and booty
Big boobies, that's all ’round beauty
Who's he? Don't care if he a juvie
Get a boy down, I can't be choosey
Ever since SY named his mindi
How many guys got done by Susie?
Gyal say I'm cute and cooly
But she don't know what I do in QC
But she don't know what I do in Cumbo
That lightie come like a cross-breed pack
No Runtz, the other one straight from Congo
And I heard suttin' else just got packed
Don't ask "By who?"
I'll tell you "God knows"
Six in a dirty long-nose
L2, R2, two-hand control
Turn that block to a war zone
ZK loadout, I step in trios
Load up guns and hit man's back
Like Hitman did, let it burn like Ne-Yo
Might sound and look like us
But truss, ain't wild like us like Rio
I grew up in the concrete jungle, so my attitude stinks like BO
Gang catch stains, no Biggie
Bro notorious for his blikky
All eyes on me for two packs
Still, the hustle can't die like Nipsey
I was 15 tryna be like 50
In the T house with a pack and flicky
Wan' get rich but beef is frying
Run up on me, you might die trying
The opps are salty, beef is frying
Bro just pepper one with this iron
Bro just pepper one with this iron
[Verse 2: T.Scam]
If I back mine, then bro's backing his too
We swing shanks, we ain't into ju-jitsu
How many Lyca SIM's have we been through?
If bro slaps his, then he deffo won't miss you
How many opps got cheffed, cheffed?
Belly, back, neck, head
You claim that gang, that's dead
Tell your mum "Buy a coffin"
Soon you'll need that bed
I love my brownie 'cah she locks this stick
But I love the way my lightie deepthroats this dick
In Brondesbury Park, three bells got ripped
Now I'm ducking him down, tryna push in this flick
Shit, BA's in love with sticks
If you buck into him then, you'll deffo get wigged
If you see me in the ride
Don't slip, don't slide
That's a tent on your block and a taped off strip
She got big bum and breasts, yes
Pull out and buss on her chest
I don't know why they're wearing vests
Why? 'Cah Mizz got done in the head
SWavey got Minty in the neck
Reckz got shot in Peck'
TBoy got cheffed in Cres'
Mizz died in Cres'
Culprit got packed sipping lean
What a mess (Welcome to the gulag)
Don't talk on me or my shooter
Me and my shooter might glide in a Cooper
Lock arms, slap corn out the Ruger
Fuck the rumours, they're only bad on computers
My South ting's cute, but my East ting's cuter
I'm in the field like Lucas
This winter the dots might lick out your chest
You don't need to worry 'bout mucus
When she's throwing it back I'm just thinking
"Wow, chill, I don't need kids right now“
Ching, ching man down, scream "Ow“
If I back this ramz, better back your pal
In front of the judge, no Simon Cowell
GSqueeze held eight, he's alive, how?
Babe's always wanting to beat
The only thing I warn' beat goes "Bow, bow"
You might also like[Outro: T.Scam]
Bow, bow, bow, bow
Gang shit, free Armed Response
Free Hitman, free Risky
R.I.P AK, gang
Hilzz made this