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Summrs - Back 2 Da Basics

Back to the drugs, back to the money, back to the life
I don't listen to you when you high 'cause you just talkin' out of spite
You'll say some sorry shit just to see us fight
You know my cup's purple, it's clean in the Sprite
Back to the basics when I loved talkin' in the mic
Now, it's like I don't care about nothin' but gettin' fried
You told me you and her go both ways, you bi
So, if you stop by, you know to bring her by
You fucked up 'cause you love to look in my eyes when you lie
If you don't lie that way, then, you feel like you ain't do it right
You tell me I should go fuck with her 'cause you not my type
Think you finna play with me? Bitch, I'm not that guy
Think you finna lay with me? Bitch, I'm not that guy
Think you finna stay with me? Bitch, you better think twice
Took your friend on vacay with me, livin' her best life
You gon' try to get back but two wrongs don't make it right
Drac' got kickback, I ain't tryna do no fight
Forty-one my wrist, I swear every carat fight
Back in the day, I had hoop dreams, I was tryna be like Mike
Nowadays, everything I put out touch the charts
I carry pain, I miss my grandma, it's comin' from the heart
That shit still fuck with me, hit me every time it get dark
You doin' too much, you need to play your part
Every time we step out, they be knowin' who we are
Back then, I wasn't motivated, it was complicated
Down bad and then I found you, baby
Went, bought a mic and I was dedicated
Everything I was puttin' out, they tried to replicate it
Black and white diamonds my neck, them hoes ain't segregated
I might go big on the AMG and go decapitate it
I'm back in my zone, I'm schedule two, I'm so reactivated
You like a bull ride 'cause you drive me crazy
You'll call me out my name and tell me I'm aggravatin'
I had to go put a hunnid up, I had to confiscate it
They scared, they know how I get in my zone, it's devastatin'
Noddin' off way too hard, I'm too elevated
You remember when I hit a hunnid K, you made a cake and then we celebrated
Just to sum it all up, baby, I'm glad we made it

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