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Summer Walker - Session 32

[Verse 1]
Threw away your love letters
I thought it'd make me feel better
I finally got you out my bed
But I still can't get you out my head, ooh
I'm sending you one text at a time
I know you're by your phone
So boy pick up your line
And I ain’t too proud to beg
So what's been said has been said

And I need you to know
You don't know what love is
And I need you to know, you don't know

[Verse 2]
And you don't know what love is
If you don't put up a fight
You don't know what love is
If you don't stay up all night, crying
You don't know what love is
If you’re too good to call a million times
And you say you know what love is
But I swear you never seen it in your life, ooh

“Session 32” is a raw and unedited piece that confronts an ex-boyfriend that failed to show his unconditional love for her and his commitment to the relationship. Even though it’s obvious that his perception of love is conditional and flawed, remnants of his presence still linger and she continues to think about him. He isn’t willing to go the extra mile to maintain the relationship and in that way, he doesn’t understand that being in love isn’t just all the positive things, but it also includes addressing the challenges and problems that arise.