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Summer Walker - My Affection (with PARTYNEXTDOOR)

[Refrain: Summer Walker]
Seen my teens flew by in a coach seat
Since we all grown up, you tryna show me
What you tryna do now, huh
You played me once before, now you feel like you want me
Back when I took off, I'm a trophy
Back when I wasn't nothin', you was a trophy
Oh (No, no, no, no), yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh (No, no, no, no), yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Summer Walker]
Get it through your mind
Asked for all this time
Asked for all my time
I just think you fine, no, no, no
I'd like to tell you off (Oh)
'Cause I know you know, hmm
Days gettin' longer, and drugs been gettin' hard to find
You can steal with these eyes
I won't change my mind, no

[Chorus: Summer Walker & PARTYNEXDOOR]
Just because I'm all grown up (Oh)
I already chose up (Oh)
I was straight up tryna fuck (Yeah)
Now I'm leavin', tour's up
But I can't change my affection
And I can't change my attention (Oh, woah)
I don't think you know (I don't think you know)
I still want my goal (I still want my goal)
I still want my goal back (Shh, shh, shh)
Come on, baby, throw that (Shh, shh)
I'm still checkin' for my throwback