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Sum 41 - Pain for Pleasure

The seas have parted,
The endings started,
The sky has turned to black.
A killing spree through eternity,
The devil stabs you in the back,
It's midnight now you must escape somehow,
Torture is his leisure,
Don't try to hide he'll make you subside,
As he exchanges pain for pleasure,

Pain for pleasure, he's the hunter you're the game,
Pain for pleasure, Satan is his name!
Look Out!

Drummer Steve Jocz actually sings this song, not lead vocalist Deryck Whibley. This song is meant as a homage to, or parody the style of, the band Iron Maiden. The music video of “Fat Lip” concludes with the band wearing retro-era heavy metal outfits with a lot of leather while performing this song.

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