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Suga Free - Why U Bullshittin'

[Suga Free talking]
Yeah the man get G's for his beats man
Y'all ain't heard? Ha! (garbled speech) dude
Ain't nothing happened to me, man
I been right under you all the time, watchin you
Five long motherfuckin years!
And you know what I see?
I still, see the, same ol' bullshit
And what motherfuckin thanks do I get?
I think I done died bout 8 times and came back to life
From y'all punk motherfuckers
Yeah, take this with you, Suga Free the Pimp
Ain't no leavin nigga...
Now either you gon be a stand-up ho or a fall-down bitch
I seen the the mountaintop befo, nigga you can't tell me shit
Bitch you been talkin to God behind my back?
You let me get pretty low yesterday and I don't like that
You better back up off me
Bitch such a disaster with with that square shit
Red Cross wouldn't give her coffee. Mama mia!
Swear to God man, pimp game so deep
In Mexico they say a pimp showed up on a tortilla
I learnt her; she was talkin shit in the shower
When I was in there takin a piss, I flushed the toilet and burnt her
I said "Bitch when you do that?" she said "I think when-"
I said "You thought?" she said "Yeah"
I said "Bitch well just don't think then" (shit)
Now I must be the truth, yah, cuz I know I'm the way
Now I can see the light? (Do you see the light?)
Can you see the light? Sometime...
Now, where my money, why you bullshittin?
I need my paper why you bullshittin?
I get down, when you lyin, when you bullshittin
I need my paper, you bullshittin
[Verse 2:]
Ho I happen to like who the fuck I am, this ain't no mistake
I didn't come in this motherfucker
Lookin for no goddamn change for you to make

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