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Suburban Scum - Self Loathing

"Self Loathing"
Featuring Vinny HC
Am I living in hell?
My whole world collapsed
Beaten but not broken
I still felt the aftermath
Nothing will ever go right
So why should I try?

Locked in a bind through the hands of time
This is my own demise

You ever get the feeling that everything you do in your whole life is one big crock of shit?!- Growing up I never thought it would come to this, sometimes I wake up and don't want to deal with it. I find the burning flame deep in my soul, so long as the fire burns I keep my control. My fuse is running and I'm close to the edge, I'll fight this fucking world and have my revenge


I can't even look at myself
Something's gotta give
No path to follow
I have no incentive
Where there's a will, there's a fucking way
This battered soul has seen better days

Pressure just makes me stronger
It drives me hate
I won't take your shitty anymore, kid
I'll spit in your face

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